And bump comes too…

The impact children can have on your travel plans starts before they are even born.  In May 2007, Graham and I booked a fabulous Christmas trip to Mexico. We intended to land in Mexico City on Christmas Eve, travel overland by bus to Oaxaca for New Year and then end in the Yucatan peninsula.  In July I found out that I was pregnant with Leo: a couple of weeks later it dawned on us that overlanding in Mexico in my third trimester might not be the best holiday plan any more…

Our main concerns were 1) we had no idea how I would actually feel when 6 months pregnant and 2) we didn’t think that big rucksacks, long distance buses and 6 month bumps went that well together.   Fortunately we had only paid a small deposit on the flights and hadn’t yet booked accommodation so we decided it was worth losing £100 to cancel a holiday we just weren’t certain about.  We were gutted, but obviously the loss of a Mexican holiday was tiny compared to the excitement and joy of a baby to look forward to.  And we did eventually make it to Mexico, 2 children later and slightly modified from our original plans, as Graham has already detailed elsewhere.

Pregnant in Sharm

Sharm-el-Sheikh is a good destination for some winter sun whilst pregnant – 5 hour flight and not too hot

Despite not going to Mexico, I have still travelled when pregnant with both of our children: to Italy (10 weeks), Egypt (28 weeks), France (15 weeks), St Lucia (21 weeks) and Norfolk (35 weeks). Our philosophy with children has always been that you shouldn’t stop doing things you love just because you have children, although you may need to compromise a little, and for us that started in pregnancy.

I’ve learnt quite a bit about travelling when pregnant from my own experiences and those of friends. My first few posts on The Trunki Files will give you some top tips – from convincing your airline that you’re not about to have the baby in mid-air to avoiding eating unpasteurised cheese and liver pate while in France (and I can tell you now that one is definitely much easier to do than the other!)

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