Brune Torrente

Brune TorrenteMum to Esteban and Alaïs

What’s the best holiday you’ve had with your children?

Mallorca.  We booked a self-catering villa with pool through Villa Plus and weren’t disappointed one bit. The villa had air conditioning a choice of 3 terraces to have lunch or dinner al fresco, books, Sky TV for a fix of news or kids programme on a less sunny day, and plenty of utensils and crockery so it felt like a home. The private pool in a gorgeous setting was lovely too.

Where do you want to go next?

I dream of going back to the Seychelles and South Africa but this time with kids in tow. We are keeping India and Sri Lanka for when the kids are a little older. So next will probably be the Canaries.

What’s the one item you wouldn’t be without

Alaïs’ baba – her toy sheep.

Your best piece of advice for other Trunki Files readers:

We talk to the kids about what we are planning for the journey and the holiday.  It gives them confidence, they know what is happening and what to expect, which means they are more likely to play game and behave. At least that’s what I choose to believe 🙂

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