David Whitehead

David WhiteheadDad to Theo

What’s the best holiday you’ve had with your child?

So far, we’ve only had one – to Lake Constance in May/June 2013. However, more trips are planned: Berlin in October 2013 and England in January 2014. The best thing we did on the trip was to go down to the lake and take a ferry to the next town. It was the first day without a sheet of rain falling and was, for us, the chance to realise that we could do more than simply be slaves to the pram!

Where do you want to go next?

Berlin. On that trip, we’ll also be going to Halle and probably to Saxony too, to see friends. However, I’d like to take a brief trip to Würzburg or Schwabach (near Nuremberg). The first is a place I have been to many times, and to which I have good connections (a full youth hostel staff who would like to see Theo), whilst the latter is a pleasant little town, where it would do Marion (my wife) and myself no end of good to get away.

What’s the one item you wouldn’t be without on a family holiday?

So far, the pram or the rocker. It’s a chance to put the little fella down!

Your best piece of advice for other Trunki Files readers:

Don’t get downhearted if the trip doesn’t match up to trips you had before you became parents. Also, people aren’t staring and muttering about you. Most of them were parents too at one point!

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