Graham Horner

The main pyramid, Chichen ItzaDad to Leo, Genevieve and Rufus

What’s the best holiday you’ve had with your children?

It’s a tricky one as we’ve had some great holidays. But for sheer relaxation and recuperation, Periyali Villas in Zakynthos last summer probably wins the prize. Three and a half hours of child care each day made all the difference – my wife and I actually felt like we’d had a holiday too, as opposed to a change of scene. I also felt the time we spent with our children was better – we were less tired and snappy; and they were happy to hang out with us in the pool or on the beach after a fun morning in the creche. The fact that the sun didn’t stop shining, and that all the tavernas around had playgrounds, was the icing on the cake.

Where do you want to go next?

The place I most want to go is Bali. I think it looks incredible: stylish accommodation, at reasonable prices; great beaches; and beautiful scenery (volcanoes! rice terraces!). Plus a developed tourist scene so plenty of attractions to keep the children entertained. However, it’s going to have to wait a year or two more for us to get there. The seven hour time difference and 14 hour flight (with a change en route) require a bit more stamina than my three kids have right now (and me, for that matter).

What’s the one item you wouldn’t be without on a family holiday?

The iPad. I know, I know, I should say something more imaginative. But for getting through long flights and keeping my son entertained during ‘quiet time’ when there’s no CBeebies (or a DVD player that isn’t multi-regional), it’s indispensable.

Your best piece of advice for other Trunki Files readers:

Travel long haul with your first baby. As soon as they hit two, they require a seat, adding cost. And they will also be wriggly, adding stress. So cram in as much travel as you can in that first year and hopefully, it’ll give you the confidence to carry on.

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