Kirsty Horner

Kirsty HornerMum to Leo and Genevieve

What’s the best holiday you’ve had with your children?

Best holiday with 1 child: South Africa, 2009.  Food, wine, beach, city and a baby who didn’t learn to crawl until he arrived home, thankfully :). Best holiday with 2 children: Zakynthos, 2012.  My son learned to swim; my daughter learned to say “turtle”; and we all discovered that Greek restaurants cannot be beaten for child-friendliness.  The biggest highlight for me was that our small villa complex (Periyali) provided just enough childcare (15 hours a week) that we didn’t feel like we’d abandoned our children but had the luxury of being able to actually waste time mooching around together rather than having to make the most of every precious second of child-free time like we do at home!

Where do you want to go next?

Where I want to go: Sri Lanka.  Where I’m actually going: Italy.  Sri Lanka is on the list as soon as they’re old enough for the jabs and elephant rides!

What’s the one item you wouldn’t be without on a family holiday?

At the moment, it’s probably our Ergo baby carrier.  It’s been used by one or other child for the best part of 5 years and is comfortable enough to carry a 2.5yo around in.  It can be brought on board the plane so is invaluable for getting a tired toddler from plane to luggage belt via passport control without a major meltdown by either adult or child!  It also means we don’t have to bring a buggy on holiday which is one less piece of ridiculously shaped luggage to cram into a Class A hire car.

Your best piece of advice for other Trunki Files readers:

Take a city break while you have a baby.  You might think you should just flop on a beach, but once they’re toddling you’ll be doing little but building sandcastles.  Do New York / Paris / Barcelona / Marrakech while they’re too young to make their demands heard as it might be a while before you feel brave enough to attempt cities again.

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