Summer holidays

Crabbing at Wells, North Norfolk

Crabbing at Wells, North Norfolk

Based on the last few years’ experience, we should probably be shot for recommending you stay in the UK but this really is the best chance for some glorious days on our glorious beaches. We love North Norfolk – even in the height of the holidays, it feels uncrowded and the wide open spaces are truly liberating. Our favourite bolthole is Wells-next-the-Sea. Cornwall is of course a favourite too – we stayed at Mayrose Farm near Rock and can recommend it.

Otherwise, if you have school-age children, the summer holidays are the time to go to all those faraway places that have big time differences. Given the time it takes for children to adjust back to UK time, you really need a week after you return for things to get back to normal, plus you don’t want to be going somewhere with an 8 hour time difference for any less than two weeks. How about Bali? Our summer is their dry season and there’s no better time to go…

Faraway shores

Summer is the time to head faraway

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